Detective Chess Game

Detective Chess Game
Detective Chess is a puzzle game based on the rules of Chess. Five pieces are placed on a chessboard - you are told what squares they are on, but not which one is on which square. There are some squares given with the numbers on it. These numbers represents number of pieces attacking that particular square. You have to deduce the position of each from the number of times certain squares are attacked. There's only one solution. 

Detective Chess  Instructions
Deduce the position of each piece from the clues provided. The pieces are on the blue marked squares, but you must figure out which piece is on which square. Some squares have numbers on them, which represent the number of pieces attacking that square.
To win you must place the chess pieces in their correct position and press GUESS button. if you are wrong, the number in some squares will turn red to indicate that the wrong number of pieces are attaching those squares. (Move a pieces or press GUESS again to set the colors back to normal.).
Click on pieces to pick them up or drop them. If you drop a piece on top of another piece, the second piece will be picked up in its place.
Remember that chess pieces Rooks, Bishops and Queens do not attack through other pieces. Their attack will be blocked if another piece is between them and a square.
Just move the pieces to the correct position on the board using the mouse! Press 'Guess' when you think you are right. More details are available via the in-game menu.


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