TURKZEKA 2009 INTERNATIONAL PUZZLE COMPETITION TurkZeka 2009 International Puzzle Competition (11.th competition of TurkZeka.Com since 2004) will start on Saturday night, 02.05.2009 at 22:00:00 GMT(Greenwich Mean Time). There will be two kinds of the puzzles, making a total of 13. Three of them are optimization and ten of them are “Pictorial Puzzle”(with its original name) questions.

You can answer at most 10 of 13 puzzles which will be asked during the contest. Whenever an optimization problem is asked, there will be an alternative “Pictorial Puzzle” question for that week. You will be allowed to answer only one of these question types.

You have exactly 7 days to submit the answer of the pictorial puzzles and 14 days for the optimization puzzles.

You can read the details of the new rules here

Participate in TurkZeka Mail Group for receiving puzzles, solutions of TurkZeka Puzzle Competitions and the latest news and announcements about TurkZeka. To join the mail group, send an empty e-mail to turkzeka-subscribe@googlegroups.com.

At the end of the competition, Top 10 competitors will recieve certificates via e-mail.

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