Creat your own Sudoku with Sudoku.xls

From this website one can create its own Sudoku puzzles. One can download Sudoku generator Sudoku.xls from this website. If you just finished an exceptional puzzle and you would like to try another one at the same level? Simply copy the puzzle into the “Sample Puzzle” Grid on the Creator worksheet. Press the “From Sample Puzzle” button and a new Sudoku will appear in the “New Puzzle” grid. This puzzle will be of an equivalent level of difficulty to the sample puzzle. Pressing the button again will generate another puzzle of the same level.
Also this site provides Sudoku Tanto (Even Odd Sudoku) and Mini Sam (Mini Overlap) Sudoku. Every week one can download pdf file of 6 puzzles containing one Tanto Puzzle, One Mini Sam and 4 Classic Sudoku of increasing difficulty.

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